Does brochure distribution and advertising work?

Check out this important facts from a 2016 Marketing Study from the University of Bentley. Don’t forget to watch the video below!

Brochures Have A Higher In Market Influence Than Social Media!


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Can you tell me where my brochures will be displayed?

Brochures can be distributed all over Pattaya & surrounding areas.  Brochures will be displayed in restaurants, cafes, attractions, nightclubs, art galleries, hotels, beauty salons, real estate agents, festivals, amusements and more…

What do the brochure racks look like?

Please refer to Rack Displays for photos/illustrations and dimensions of our racks.

Can you tell me when our brochures will be delivered?

Generally, we commence the brochure run in the first week of each month and complete the run by the end of the week. Brochure distribution days are normally Wed, Thur and Fri. The brochure run usually commences with its important to have brochures to me ready for distribution by the first day of the month.

How many brochures do I need?

Brochure quantities vary based on the number of folds and the thickness of the printed material.  Our first delivery run to all locations will take a lot of brochures to initially stock the racks and a rough estimate of 3000 – 5000 brochures would be required. To get a more accurate estimation take a stack/pile of your brochures to it measures 2 inches with the brochure laying face up. then count the number of brochures in the stack/pile and then multiply it by 50 or 60 for the number of pockets in the racks it will be in. If you are placing the same brochure in multiple pockets then multiply the number for one pocket by the total pockets you will have in each rack to get a total number of brochures needed.

Top up Numbers:

Estimating how many will be needed to replenish racks is a great challenge. Some brochures, such as for larger well known attractions, will be picked up faster than others. However, your success is often determined by the quality of the visitor not the quantity!

For these larger well known attractions, 10,000 brochures may be required for one year’s distribution.

Brochures promoting specialty shopping and attractions that are very popular and will use up to 20,000 brochures in one year.

Seasonal and high season brochures such as attractions, restaurants and other summer water sports will go through many more brochures in the peak holiday periods.

How do I get my brochures to you?

We require that all brochures, magazines and any other media is dropped off at our office where we warehouse and keep the brochures and magazines.

Address: 392/89-90 Moo 6 Sukumvit, Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chon Buri 20150

What happens to our brochures after our event or when we no longer require your distribution service?

Brochures can either be retrieved and returned to you or stored by us, or recycled as requested by you.

How and what is the best way to design my brochure?

A well designed brochure will generate more business than a poorly designed one. Your message should always appear in the top 2 inches of the brochure that stands out and is easy to read or a picture that says a thousand words.

Adding a free or discounted coupon to track the effectiveness of the brochure as well as offering something better than your competitors always works! Pictures to explain what you are offering helps to explain things and helps to sell without having multiple languages on your brochure!

Having your phone number, Map of your location, Website and social media accounts helps people find you and more information if needed.

When considering the design of your brochure it is essential you get it right!  Here are some tips to help you do that:

Big Bold Heading: Your brochure will compete with lots of other brochures in a crowded rack. Use your business name and/or your product name at the top.

Positioning of Information: It is very important that all of your vital information is in the top third of your brochure. Sometimes that is all you see in a rack. It is a good idea to also place that info on the top of the back page, in case your brochure gets turned around in the rack.

Unique Selling Features: Determine what they are (based on customer needs and desires) and include them on your brochure.

Size: For proper rack display cards should be DL size (21cm x 10 cm) and brochures should be folded to DL. Anything longer will cause the brochure to flop over, anything wider and the brochure won’t fit into the rack’s individual Perspex pockets.

Paper: Cheap paper makes your business look cheap. Paper stock must be sufficient weight to prevent wilting or drooping in the display rack. Consider using recycled paper for your brochures to help save our environment.

Include Contact Details: List your full mailing address, with postcode. Also, include your area code with your phone number, as brochures are often mailed interstate to potential visitors planning their holiday, and mobile phones require them to enable proper dial up. Include your email and web address for maximum exposure.

Design: Keep it simple and clean. Too much detail can be counter-productive. Coloured photos are great. Include a map, opening hours and contact details. Be wary of listing prices as they may change. Large clear type is a must. It is not necessary to produce a different brochure each holiday season. New tourists visit every year. A good brochure can be timeless.

A Good Map: Your map should be large, accurate and clearly marked. To make sure your map and directions work, test it out before you print it.

Quantities: Order enough brochures to suit your needs, e.g. (a) distributor – check how many you will need for the duration of your contract; and (b) your own distribution (to customers, friends, colleagues).

Save Time and Money: If budget allows, print enough brochures to last at least two years. Printing in small quantities is not economical. You will be amazed at the cost saving. Combining runs with another company printing a brochure of similar size and quantity may save you money. Also try printing off-season. You can benefit enormously from giving your printer your order early allowing them plenty of time to print your brochure.

Watch the following video for brochure tips below!

What is the best size for a brochure or Magazine?

Brochures should be in the DL format (4×9”) to allow proper display in the brochure racks.  Magazines are best to be A4 Sized.  Larger brochures and magazines quite often miss out on being displayed in the racks.  For more information please refer to Brochure Tips.

Can you recommend anyone to produce our brochure?

Yes, Pattaya Media and Brochure Distribution can organise professional production of your brochure or can refer you to a local professional graphic designers and printers. Please contact us direct with your specific requirements.

Can you guarantee my brochure will go into all your racks?

No, sometimes there is a conflict of interest. For example often hotels with restaurants may not take brochures from other restaurants, or some motels or holiday parks may not take brochures from competitors in the same area. However, Pattaya Brochure And Media Distribution guarantees that your brochures will be displayed in every rack possible and put in extra pockets to make up for lost ones.  The rack location owners has the right to refuse any brochure or magazine.

Are you sold out ?

From time to time racks time are full in the peak holiday time, however every effort will be made to display your brochures. If you require distribution for the high season period it is best to register your interest for the distribution service in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do you supply brochure racks?

Yes, we own and provide brochure racks are supplied free of charge.

The are a number of benefits of having a brochure rack in your location which is highlighted and explained in the video below.  Also, if you allow us to put a brochure rack in your location we offer free advertising in our racks.  Contact us for more details.

For quotes & enquiries call +66 0890716861